Zahra LIghtway & Laurence Boomert

Laurence Boomert
Laurence pioneered ethical and green business in NZ, was a TV presenter and founded the New Economics Party. He wrote “How I Survived the End of the World” for the book Fleeing Vesuvius and regularly presents talks on “Creating community resilience and revitalization” and “Decentralizing Everything”.
Zahra Lightway
Zahra is a 21st century education consultant, social activist and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Light Way Schools, Seeding The Future NOW, Our Mission In Action and Blue Star Training.
Together they have recently formulated “The Community Game” a training course for rapidly transforming communities across the planet. The next Community Game will be held in Motueka February 26th through 28th at MOTEC.

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Video for 21st Century Education: www.lightwayschools.org This video outlines Zahra’s ideas for how to do 21st Century Education as a homeschool program. The workshop at Evolve will outline a broader perspective.