Yurt Party

Yurt Party fit into a big, unique box, creating collective joy for over 5 years. Drawing inspiration from traditional east European and Balkan music with splashes of dub, electronic, latin and afro beat dance grooves. The band, now rather large in size and sound have been converting festival audiences around NZ into wild frenzies of beat induced fun. Festivals include Nostalgia, Luminate, Relish, Tora Bombora, Kiwi Spirit Festival and more. Propelled by sold out shows, the band intend to spread their music far and wide with upcoming album releases and festivals over the summer.

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https://youtu.be/Ic02s66rAQY – Loons, Christchurch
https://youtu.be/m8qRLTKcO8w – Nostalgia Festival
https://youtu.be/TIXZ57Pxzjo – Live album recording

Link to our EPK: https://express.adobe.com/page/66IVQ3eGjieWf/