Yoga Rhapsody (Jemma Jeffs and Paul Saker-Norrish)

Jemma Jeffs (registered yoga instructor RYT 200) and Paul Saker-Norrish (singer/songwriter) have combined their passions for yoga and music to create Yoga Rhapsody, an hour-long yoga class, accessible to everyone, accompanied by live acoustic guitar and vocals.

Through this project we aim to not only make the practice of yoga, with its innumerable physical and mental benefits, more approachable and fun, but also to provide a unique physical and auditory experience.

Jemma will begin the class with a short meditation and breathing exercise, and then guide you through a series of invigorating and restorative yoga postures, accessible to all levels of experience and physical ability. Paul will sing a mixture of songs he has composed specifically for the project, and re-imagined versions of popular classics.

If required, we have all the equipment required to set up the class, including a PA and wireless microphone system. We also have 40 mats available for people to borrow.

After providing classes at Rhythm and Vines over the New Years period, we will be travelling to the South Island on the morning of Friday 20 January, to begin a 2 week South Island tour. We would dearly love to kick off this leg by providing classes at Evolve.

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