Vogue Gyratory

Early Days (2004-2008):
Established in 2004 and originally from Brighton, England, we played the UK party and festival scene for years and gradually grew in size and show, leading to recording our first album ‘Extra Arms & Extra Ears’ (released with ‘Chi-Qi Music’ in 2007). It was all about the groove; the mélange of funk, folk, reggae, hip-hop and world music that we had created.

Transitional Days (2008-2014):
The second album ‘Waste Not Want Not’ (released with ‘WEAL’ Entertainment / NWAR) in 2013) started from certain out-takes and leftovers that didn’t make it on the first album and moulded during more musical adventures around the globe, from England to Asia and Australasia to Africa. Landing in NZ in 2009, we quickly built a crew with NZ folk-man Nick Swan and a top rhythm section from the band Tommy. Now we’re back in NZ with a newer show, featuring new members from mighty reggae band ‘One Vibe’: Ras Judah & heavyweight bass-man Aubrey.

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