Twisty Twinz


The Twisty Twinz – Jola and Nele Siezen

Born into this world as identical twins, Jola and Nele began their strong physical and emotional bond in the womb, which continues in their play and work today.
In 2002 they completed a diploma in theatre and performing arts at Selwyn College (Auckland). Moving to Christchurch in 2005, they completed a two-year Diploma in Circus Arts at Circo Arts (CPIT, Christchurch), specialising in partner acrobatics, aerial silk/sling and acrobatic stilt walking.
In 2018 Jola and Nele Siezen completed the
‘Acro Mastermind Teacher Training’ with Jason & Chelsey Magness -(2018- Te Anau NZ).

Over the past 20 years they have traveled extensively performing, training and teaching in New Zealand, Australia and Europe, working with a vast variety of artists and performers. Jola & Nele Siezen are founding members of the Loons Circus Theatre Company http://www.thebutlershow.com<http://www.thebutlershow.com www.thebutlershow.com
, they are also Guiness world record holders (three people in a small box)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTyQgCruY-E. The Twisty Twinz are now based in Nelson NZ- where they live and teach and perform when not on tour around the globe!

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