TUi MAMAKi is a vocal explorer, performer, composer/arranger, born in France, raised in Aotearoa/NZ and recently based in Bulgaria. She can thank her musically adventurous troubadour family for giving her a taste for sounds from far-away places. In following her voice, she has travelled to Pay Basque, India and the Balkans to study traditional vocal techniques and repertoire, which have influenced her original compositions, both as a singer-songwriter and polyphonic ensemble leader. She has released 3 albums with The Mamaku Project, collaborated with Kottarashky (BG) and Piers Faccini (UK/FR), founded the acapella trio ACAPOLLiNATIONS, and released a solo album of her new work FLY…

“Powerful, microtonal vocals…” (Nick Bollinger)
“Gorgeous voice, weaves effortlessly….” (Graham Reid)

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