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Suzanne Brereton


I’m Suzanne Brereton and I found hiding from life was easy. I could hide behind other people’s goals & desires, believing I was living my best life supporting others, not listening to my own. This led me to put on weight as I waited for my turn, waited for the right time, waited for someone to support me, waited for others to give me permission to live my life with purpose and intention. In doing this I realised that I was disempowered and disconnected from her own inner rhythm.

As a see-me-ologist, I have taken these situations, distilled the wisdom of past patterns & identified my inner rhythm. I can be unique in this world & belong. I no longer need to ignore parts of me to “fit in” with the crowd, which had the detrimental effect of making me sick or ill at ease physically, emotionally and mentally.

See-me bloom begins when we learn to connect to ourselves to hear our own inner tune. This is not, however, an easy task when there is so much noise around us to tune into. Disrupting the surrounding noise and busy-ness creates the space to listen to our soul wisdom, choose the aligned step that is intentional, purpose-Full and intelligently co-create a path to bring audacious goals into reality. I am learning to re-member my inner team & bring them together to guide me. My inner team of creative child, structured parent, nurturing feminine and protective masculine to drive me forward with a purpose to fulfil my desires knowing that I am safe when I listen to this inner team I co-create with.

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