Sun Hyland

Sun Hyland’s greatest musical passion is to create spaces that help make the joy of singing accessible to all. To him Kirtan is more than just singing, it is a practice that is deeply meditative, physically rejuvenating and often heaps of fun! Inspired by the likes of Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur and Jai Uttal he brings together traditional mantras with a contemporary musical styles and original uplifting melodies Over the last 5 years he has hosted chanting events and singing workshops at festivals and venues around Melbourne and also in Byron Bay, Bali, New Zealand and Thailand.

I will be travelling to NZ with my fellow Kirtanist Chakradyan to run a retreat at the Anahata Yoga Centre Takaka Hill and also teach at Kirtan Camp in Wellington (all after Evolve). Chakra can also offer his “Embodied Resonance” workshop (see above), we provide musical support for each others workshops.
We’ve also applied in the “performers” category as what we offer walks the line between Performance and Workshop. Our workshops at last years Luminate Festival had over 100 people in attendance and were heaps of fun. We’d really love to be a part of Evolve!

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