Sue Thompson

“It’s not the path, but the light you shine on the path that matters.” The Many

…and many fascinating paths have led me here!

I was introduced to Ken Keye’s – Handbook to Higher Consciousness in my early 20’s and the journey began. I spent the next 20 years raising kids and living as conscious a life as possible. Owning and operating several businesses and travelling the highs and lows of life.

However my habitual behavioural patterns reigned supreme, and although I thought I was fairly happy, my life was frenetic, stressful and unfulfilling. The carrot of something better, more success, love or approval was ever present.

Then I discovered Systemic Constellation work, and I had my first experience of energy beyond my own. The world opened up for me from that moment. I suddenly had a tool to explore all my relationships; with myself, money, my children, husband, work and my life’s direction.

Life expanded further with the introduction of the teachings of Conscious Awareness and Awakening through Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear. Thus connecting the dots between the intuitive field accessed during the Constellation process and my connection to broader Consciousness as Self, a Heart-Centred being.

The next leap forward was that of direct connection to Universal Consciousness as a Channel for the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and the Infinite Field of Intelligence that is The Univers. The deep peace, love and happiness that infuse my life as a result of this expansion are beyond words, and still, the unfolding continues…

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