Stephanie Challis

Stephanie Challis has a passion for dance, yoga and exploring subtle energy.  In 1990 she came across Dao Hua Qigong as taught by Zhixing Wang, which fundamentally transformed her understanding of movement.  Ancient energy practices can reveal that everything is just “impersonal energy arising out of nothing”… How quietly awesome is that! The Dragon Dance workshop is created for Evolve Festival to explore energy in the moment, inviting participants into a healing qi field that encourages natural spontaneous movement and stillness, assisted by new musical passages by Andrew Forrest.
Andrew is an internationally recognised composer/musician, artist and radical non-duality writer. His music is a celebration of boundless, sublime, mystical, cinematic sonic alchemy… – SILENCE SOUNDING – an intricate weaving of otherworldly soundscapes…spacious, powerful, delicate, expansive, fluid, cosmic, resonant harmonics.

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To be supplied if workshop is to go ahead!