Soreya James

Soreya is a Transformational Consultant, Coach and Spiritual Guide. Bringing a powerful yet loving presence to her work, she is here to support the healing and awakening of humanity.

Soreya has worked with hundreds of people over the years and has supported her clients to awaken from mental, emotional and physical suffering.

She has experienced her own deep pain and suffering at the hands of sexual abuse, drug addiction, depression and psychosis and has used these powerful tools to awaken her truth, light and freedom.

Soreya has spent the past ten years being mentored by transformational experts and spiritual teachers such as Tony Robbins, Brandon Bays, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Judi Satori, Patrick Ziegler, the Shematrix and Oneness Community.

Presenting and facilitating in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific, Soreya is now reaching many more people who require healing and transformation.

Working with Universal energy, yet grounded, real and raw, Soreya’s heart is wide open. She has a warrior like spirit and a very clear vision to awaken humanity and bring about a shift in consciousness and raise the vibration of the planet.

“Soreya is an expert in facilitating and capturing the essence of the truth that lies at the core of every being and is a true inspiration and living example of an awakened woman.”

“When Soreya shows up, she shows up in her full glory with her warrior spirit and blasting through the stuff that others daren’t venture”

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