Silvia Maria Engl

Passion for life! This is what I am here for – to remind people of their inner power, their inner gifts and their joy for living. I am a German writer (nine books published so far, in 2017 so far two of them will be available in Mandarin and Spanish as well), speaker and coach. From 7 January I will travel again for three months, being in New Zealand when you are hosting your festival. Seriously, I have never been there and I don’t know (conciously) where to go – but I am a person who doesn’t mind for my intuition is the best guide I could imagine. So while looking at the map, I felt really attracted by the north west of the southern island. A few minutes later I found your page. So here I am, hoping to get to know you soon for it would be my greatest pleasure to share my gifts and knowledge with you guys, too. 🙂 I will be in NZ from 11 January till 28 February, so my jet lag should be over till I would reach your festival.:D
Looking so much forward to hearing from you!
All my love from Munich, Germany to you, Silvia Maria

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