Silvia Ehl & Armin Burkard

First Workshop
Matrix and Quantum Healing- a playful way of entering into the field of the Matrix to quickly and effortlessly create what we wish for
Second Workshop
Soul Journeys – accessing deep awareness of our emotions to connect with our true being, letting go of old pain and response patterns.
Silvia Ehl, musician,practitioner and trainer from Berlin, Germany, developed her own method based on “The Journey” by Brandon Bays, teaching people to heal themselves and others since 2009.
Armin Burkard, practitioner and trainer from Berlin,Germany, uses a unique approach, combining the work of Kinslow and Bartlett, to effectively access the power of Quantum Heaing for everyone. He worked in this field since 2006.
They are offering weekend workshops on a tour of NZ during Feb. 2014

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