Sika Rose

World Tribal Music

SIKA is a performer, an artist and a healer, renowned for his fusion of instruments from around the world…
Didjeridoo, Drums, Percussion & a fine ‘Quiver’ of Native wooden/clay Flutes and other simple ways of emulating nature.

With over 25 years of experience, creating music at festivals such as Glastonbury UK, whilst successfully touring in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand since 1990.
He expresses a deep respect and love of the land, trees, animals and all peoples of the world.
Singing -Up the Earth, he has played with Aztecs at The Sun Pyramid Teotihuacan in Mexico and sat with Aboriginal people in the Australian desert. He has played Didjeridoo for Aboriginal Elders on stage and in Healing Ceremonies, performed at The NZ Embassy, Te Papa, The Commonwealth Institute, Stonehenge and Westminster Abbey.
“A matrix of sound stripped of the last three thousand years, un-intrusive, gently visceral, humorous, masterful, spacious.”
“Sika concerts & albums are Medicine for the heart”
“Merging ancient & contemporary music to journey into other worlds”

Sika is an international musician and recording
artist. He has travelled extensively learning
much from the Indigenous Tribes he has spent
time with. This knowledge and experience is
incorporated into his music.
Much of what Sika composes comes from
his deep connection to Great Spirit. He works
with his Guides and Higher Self to intuitively
bring forth the music that waits in the beyond
ready to be created.
As a result his recent work holds downloads
and sacred energetic tools the listener is able
to access to facilitate awakening and

“Sika is a truly remarkably being, his music takes you to the depths of the universe and time itself.
His energy, musicianship, spiritual attunement, and love are all wrapped together and he gifts to his audiences amazing journeys”

…”I first experienced his Sound Healing Journey work and it was deeply moving. I was transported into, what seemed to me, to be a primordial space rooting me into Aotearoa bridging me between my multi-dimensional selves.”

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