Sika is a multi-instrumentalist performance artist.
His instruments bridge us back to the timeless story of humanity’s relationship with sound.
He has been offering concerts worldwide for over 25 years and weaves together sound, music and earth wisdom. Based in New Zealand, he is recognized by Māori, Native American and Aboriginal elders, including the Yuin tribe of South Australia.

Today, besides being an internationally respected musician, Sika is considered a wisdom keeper. His sounds invoke a primal memory, which is common to us all.
Sika tours internationally each year, primarily in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. His UK 2019 tour included numerous festivals and public events such as: Stonehenge, Carnglaze Caverns and The Royal Academy. He has recorded nine solo albums and collaborated on numerous projects with other artists around the world.
Other notable landmarks in his extensive career include Westminster Abbey, The Commonwealth Institute and TePapa NZ National Museum. He has played extensively in Australia and made several U.S.A. tours.

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