Shanti Smith

Shanti runs Thrive Therapies from Aroha Health Spa in Golden Bay. She studied in Colorado and has been practicing Naturopathy, Herbalism, Reflexology, Iridology, & Colon Hydrotherapy for 15 years, and more recently running detox cleanses and the Microbiome Protocol. The gut is the foundation upon which we build our health. Shanti is offering guidance and tools for how to repair and reset your gut microbiome, which has beneficial ramifications for so many facets of our health and wellbeing from mental to physical to emotional. Our gut is our second brain and working to rebuild the beneficial microbes in our body can be transformational. Come learn how this programme of innate healing can help you to boost immunity, lose weight, reduce inflammation, decrease pain, heal or avoid injuries, increase your clarity of mind, build resilience, restore your energy levels, and enjoy Thriving optimal health!

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