Sarsha Hope

Sarsha has a gift for creating potent, shamanic, transformative and inclusive heart centered spaces for our souls remembering. Fondly known as embodiment portals they bring people into a deeper connection with themselves, each other and the living breathing felt sense of the earth.
Her own training has included over 1000 hours of embodiment training, yoga teacher training, meditation teacher training and energy medicine. She is a teacher of teachers with over 20 years of facilitation experience. Running annual teacher trainings in Embodied Flow Yoga and Embodied Ecstatic Dance as well as regular women’s retreats that sell out every year. Sarsha deeply believes that by reclaiming the divinity of our earth bodies, we come home to the body of the earth and through this her HOPE is that we learn to live in greater harmony with all beings everywhere.

Multi-instrumentalist Carlos Riegel brings forth an eclectic style of music that conjures elements of music and instruments from around the world. His South American roots blend with his passion for rhythm and the exploration of world music instruments, Carlos is drawn to use music to help facilitate an experience for transformation to take place. Carlos is also a registered music therapist, his clinical work is centered on supporting teenagers and adults in acute mental health settings. Carlos is passionate about exploring creative ways of using music as a modality to support people’s well-being in the community.

Being in ceremony with Jenna will lead you right to the heart of the matter. She has worked world wide facilitating and guiding people home to their breath and bodies through cacao and breathwork ceremonies. Her background in shamanic training has opened her to play between the worlds of the seen and unseen, being a bridge to allow transformation and creation to work its magic right before her eyes. Jenna believes we won the jackpot the moment we arrived here on Earth and offers the reminder that heaven is a way of being that can be created in this moment no matter what life looks like, integrating the wholeness of who and what we are into the extraordinary ordinary life that we have been gifted.

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