Rocco Wunderle

I have always believed in magic and superhuman abilities, I just had to find out how to use them. So when I was 5 and my mother was diagnosed with cancer I decided to unlock and use my special abilities. I guess she didn’t want to put such a burden on my shoulders and she became free of cancer very soon after that. Since then ‘spiritual work’ has been fun and a playful experimentation.The super ability that we all have is the freedom to choose any superability that we desire.

In the last 30 years, I studied and played a lot with techniques like Mind Control, Reiki, Hermetics, Magical Invocation, Kabbalah, Out-of-body experience, Re-birthing, Family Constellations, German New Medicine, Recall Healing and more… Then a friend shared about Access Consciousness and that they only use open questions to change everything (of course it was much more than that but it was enough for me). So I started using the questions and my whole life become easier and I started to have more fun. After that, I had my ‘Bars’ run for the first time and it was like a miracle and I became a walking talking meditation for 2 weeks. Since then I choose more and more. A whole new world has opened up for me…

To me, experimenting means creating more of what wasn’t there before with the element of fun and joy. Now, I am looking for the next fun and I am so excited because Access is a gigantic playground! So, do you want to play with me?

Together with my wife Csilla, we have founded the European Healing Centre based in Ellerslie, Auckland where we have even more fun and you can find out more about at our website www.europeanhealingcentre.com or on our Facebook page by the same name. Also, we have created an open Facebook group called Access Consciousness® – If You Dare (NZ).

Specialty classes of Rocco and Csilla:
Your Acoustical Body – body has amazing capacities, but we bought into many lies and limitations about it. The enlightened masters knew the secret and were able to transform the physical body into a ‘light body’.
-Key topics of the 2.5 day class: miraculous healings, indefinite living, communicating with the molecules (theory, exercises and practice).

100% Committed – Being committed is the capacity to create the life you desire.
Have you ever wondered, why you cannot bring your dreams into fruition? Why does it take so much effort? Or why do you stop at the edge of success? and why do you escape through the backdoor? Are you truly committed to yourself, your awareness and your knowing?
We invite you to STEP UP and be the Unstoppable Creator that You truly BE!

Breaking out of the prison of Abuse – Any situation can be abusive, if it holds you back from being you. It affects the way you act and see yourself – in your relationships and at work. It limits your capacity to have ease and fun and to create the life you desire.
Are you ready to live a life with no effect of abuse?
Is it time to let both you and your body rejoice again?
What else is possible?

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