Rocco Wunderle

Csilla and Rocco are the founders of European Healing Centre.
Their aim is to share practical tools and techniques regarding self-development, how to become more aware, conscious and open to life, how to eliminate blockages and create a greater life with ease.
Over the years they tried and mastered many modalities that they have in their diverse toolbox, so they can approach an issue from many angles which makes it easy to find the best solution for you.

So what are the steps they follow if you choose to work with them? The First step is to help you to become more aware of the hidden dynamics affecting your life. The next step is to deal with the issues revealed and the last one is to make you capable of handling everything, so you can start creating a life you wished for from the beginnings.

Also, they have created The Love Birds (TM) Natural Handcrafted Soaps and Skin Care Products for those who are choosing conscious embodiment. Their beautiful and healthy products are made of food grade, pure and organic ingredients only and of course with lots of LOVE & LIGHT.
100% NZ MADE

They organise the following trainings and workshops in 2017
-Access Consciousness – The Foundation – 4-day training
-Access Consciousness – The Bars – 1-day training
-Access Consciousness – Energetic Body processes – half day & 1-day training
-Family and Body and Systemic Constellations – 10-month facilitator training and 1 or 2-day workshops
-Reiki Level 1, Level 2, Master and Master Teacher courses and reiki gatherings
-Biologic and Mastering Cancer (German New Medicine) – Basic and Advanced trainings and consultations.

Last year they held a Family Constellation workshop and helped people to heal from cancer and get over traumas. This year they will share the 10 keys to create a joyful life with the tools of Access Consciousness.

So, don’t miss it if you are not afraid of stepping into the generative space that you are.

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What the bleep is Access Consciousness?