Robina McCurdy

Robina is a professional community development facilitator, Permaculture educator, organic gardener, and pioneer-resident of 38 year-old Tui Community & Trust in Golden Bay (www.tuitrust.org.nz). She is also the founder of The Institute of Earthcare Education Aotearoa: (www.earthcare-education.org). She has worked with village-scale food security in Southern Africa, was the co-ordinator of Victory Community Gardens and a consultant-educator with Project Lyttelton’s ‘Food Resilience Project’ (Christchurch, NZ), post-earthquake. After this, Robina established The Localising Food Project, which toured NZ filming a plethora of inspiring local food initiatives, in parallel with teaching workshops on local food action planning, home garden design, public food forests and seed sovereignty. She is currently involved in the production of documentaries from the material filmed during the tour. To discover more about this work, visit www.localisingfood.com
Ceremony, ritual and nature connection have been part of Robina’s life from infancy to elderhood. She integrates this into all her workshops and consultancies, to invoke supportive spiritual presence, connect people with the land and build community. She creates forms and processes appropriate to the occasion, adapting what she has learned from living with other cultures.

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