Rich Naughton

My name is Rich.

I’m a father by heart and a plumber by trade.

I run a series of workshops called Band of Brothers, offering men a safe and sacred space to connect with one another, to share their challenges and their wins, providing the support and tools needed for being a conscious man in a modern world.

I like to live my life intentionally. 5am wake-ups to workout.
Cold showers. Long hikes. Ecstatic dance. Self work. Deep healing.
Being a conscious man means being self accountable and doing the inner work to shift past patterns to become the best version of yourself.

Men need brotherhood. It is in our DNA. We need one another for support – to help us grow and learn how to embody healthy masculinity so that we can rise up from the fires in our lives and lead with heart centred integrity and strength.

Four things about me:
– I spent six years in the military as a combat engineer.
– I have my own plumbing business called Enriched Plumbing & Gas.
– My two girls are my world.
– I believe laughter and tears are both medicine.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.


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