Rich Naughton

My name is Rich, my passion is men’s mental health. I want to inspire men to evolve and rise together. I’m a plumber-gas fitter by day and a father to two Beautiful girls.

I currently hold men circles each fortnight I have almost finished the band of brothers 1.0 and will be launching 2.0 In four weeks. I currently have 6 men who will have journeyed together for 6 months and all want to stay on and attend 2.0

At my circles we do breathe work, meditation cacao and lots of different sharing technics my main Goal of the course is for men to feel safe to share what is difficult in their life in that moment and lean into the other men hold space for them.
We then finished off with yin yoga.

My goal of the workshop would be to provide a safe space for men to quickly drop in and meet other men so for the remainder of the festival they would know other men that had attend the workshop being only 20 would allow time to meet and greet everyone.

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