Renetsu Sparks

Renetsu is an Embodied Tantra Teacher with a unique teaching and 20 years of international experience. Acclaimed as a holder of ceremony she honors the sacred in all and brings a depth of empowered safety that enables the release of behavioral and cognitive patterns that restrict us from living the life of our dreams.

Now Renetsu has brought her own Tantra Ecstatic Presence Teacher Training Course to NZ offering modules of personal development in accessible residential weekend retreats near Nelson.

Born in the UK, she is now based in Thailand, but is a frequent visitor here and has taught @ Luminate and other NZ festivals since 2010. This will be her 6th year teaching @ Evolve Festival. All of her focus revolves around facilitating and encouraging others into deeper depths of Consciousness and Healing from which to fully express their awesome authentic being in life.

Renetsu is a powerful energy worker, a sensitive and very experienced empath, and a deeply intuitive international teacher. Mother of two, grandmother to many. During a successful career as a probation officer, during which she worked with a wide range of clients, she was struck down with an illness of unbearable pain and told repeatedly that she would never walk again.

From that point her journey and life learning became very focused leading unexpectedly to awakening to the knowing of the oneness of all. She spent six years in the teaching of a Tantric Master and became a teacher within his teaching. In 2003 she tantrically self realised with her then husband. For two years she was a core member of the Osho Leela community in England. There she received the name ‘Renetsu’ which represents Gratitude. She also held healing workshops and taught the movement system Biodanza while at the Osho community. She supported the opening of two schools to train Biodanza teachers and teaches internationally, including 8 countries.

She has combined her numerous skills and passions under the name ‘Ecstatic Presence’ which encompasses the core of her teaching. Later she included Tantra within the name as recognition of the energy she embodies, which fuels and directs her. With her understanding of the impact and consequences of the traumas we hold within our selves, she enables gentle releases. With her accomplished abilities to create an environment of safe space, healing and shifts of consciousness easily occur. This allows an impressive growth opportunity to all. She uses her sessions as a speaker of wisdom and messenger of insight with pinpoint accuracy.

Renetsu’s sessions are heart centered, playful and fun ♥

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