Rachel Zahner

Develop your connection/trust with your intuition and be more empowered to make your own choices. Learn tools and experience Angelic Reiki.

Rachel Zahner
Rachel is a natural empath who uses her sensitive nature as a gift to assist with deep healing and transformation by shedding light on and clearing what is holding you back. She is passionate about empowering others, assisting them to connect inwards to their own wisdom, to see their true potential and to be in harmony with their inner and outer worlds.

On her own journey to heal from mental illness and embrace self love she experienced numerous profound shifts through energy work.
She offers a combination of various modalities including Angelic Reiki, Past Life Healing, Inner Child Work, Pleiadian Lightwork, releasing karmic connections, Aquarian Healing and soul communication. Along with energetic tools she uses homoeopathy, flower essences, essential oils and various vitamins and minerals to support healing on all levels.

She is a mother of two young children and loves working with children and parents to assist them emotionally, spiritually and physically to find more ease.

Rachel teaches Angelic Reiki, runs workshops and offers personal sessions in Nelson and via distance. https://www.facebook.com/rachelzahnerhealing

Colette Steel
Colette is passionate about assisting people in their personal growth, and empowering those who are ready to change, ready to see the true essence of their own heart and being. She supports people to connect to their inner strength, and encourages them to gain trust in their own intuition.

A deeply sensitive practitioner with a wealth of training and experience, Colette offers individual sessions in Angelic Reiki, Past Life Healing, and Deep flow Massage. She also offers Access Bars, Access (energy) Body Processes, and Siddha Kundalini Crystal Healing, and she is available for connecting with and clearing entities/spirits when required, energetic clearances of houses and land, and connecting and working with nature spirits.

In addition, Colette is an experienced workshop facilitator, who also offers group healings and runs Angelic Reiki training courses from practitioner to teacher level.

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