Paul Cohen

Bone Yoga uses gentle movement sequences that focus on and engage the joints. Particular importance is placed on the range of motion of our joints which are determined by the architecture of the joint itself and the tension and vibration in the ligaments and fascia.
The yoga and gentle somatic engagements move within the easeful range of motion of our joints. For many this will give a new dimension of safety and stability to yoga.
The slow, mindful engagement in Bone Yoga allows the opportunity to feel and adjust the way we move and introduce clearer patterns of movement in the body. This has the potential to change default physical and emotional patterns. Bone Yoga engages, stimulates and activates every bone, joint, tendon, ligament and major muscle group.

Bone Yoga can be used therapeutically on its own and in conjunction with other yoga and physical/energetic practices.
Bone Yoga can help to develop your relationship with your body mechanics and functioning, assist with postural alignment and help with ease of movement.

Bone Yoga is mindful, restful and restorative, and has been beautifully described as “Yoga from the inside out.”
Bone Yoga as an exploration and an opportunity to discover our bone energy through working with the breath, mind and movement. Bone Yoga develops our relationship with our core self held in our bones.

In his late teens, Paul explored the world of improvised dance in workshops inspired by the work of Anna Halprin. He also delved deep into the Buddhist practice of Vipassana Meditation.
In 1985 he qualified as a 5 Element Acupuncturist, in 1992 as a Zero Balancer and as teacher in 1996.
He ran a multi-discipline practice in the UK for 15 years and immigrated to New Zealand in 2000.
After a serious illness in 2015 he committed himself to a regular daily practice of yoga. In 2016 Paul qualified as an advanced yoga teacher.
In 2017 he retired from Zero Balancing and founded Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork.
He lives on Waiheke Island with his wife Loeci.
He has a twice daily practice of yoga and Qi Gong.
The focus of the Bones and the whole skeletal system is for many a new experience. Understanding the mechanics of the bone and joints of the body on an embodied kinesthetic level support free flow at within our deepest fabric, our bones.
“The focus of my work is to help people to find, for themselves, new ways to be present in the world with more ease. That’s it, simple really.”
The combination and the interplay of Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork is taking Paul’s work to new exciting places. This exploration is deeply refreshing and offers the potential for endless creativity.
“I’m loving my work and my teaching more than ever. I’m constantly learning and I’m excited.”
Bone Yoga focuses on our skeletal system, bones, joints and ligaments and fascia. This includes the energetic and emotional vibrations that are held within the bones and tissues of the body.

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