paru clarke

Paru Clarke has run Shunyata Health and Healing Retreat for 12 years in gorgeous Diamond Harbour Banks Peninsular and every year travels the world to keep up with the latest in health, healing and spirituality and relationship counselling.

She was instrumental in bringing Brandon Bays – The Journey to New Zealand 15 years ago and working with this full time has become an expert in emotional healing using the enneagram, doterra pure essential oils and craniosacral balancing and ayurvedic panchakarma. Balance in body mind and soul.

She is passionate about physical and emotional health and the links between the two and offers
1 day to 7 day retreats in ayurveda detox, couples counselling or emotional healing. Her deepest
passions in life are delicious decadent but healthy food, awakening to your higher self and amazing
music and dance as an expression of your divinity.
“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do “ Rumi

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