Oonagh Browne

Oonagh, the founder of The Cacao Ambassador has had a love affair with chocolate for the past 17 years as a Master Chocolatier. An unusual career change from the corridors of the corporate world of London, where she worked for 10 years, prior to discovering her true passion for all things cacao and chocolate.
Over this time she has created many award winning and new styles of chocolate, but now her life is devoted to being a true voice for the ancient ingredient Cacao, that makes chocolate and bringing this into awareness as an every day, nourishing, sacred and enriching food for support, positivity and mindfulness.

​Her work, from Samoa, Solomon Islands, Peru and more countries to come is with the endeavour to reverse the damaging effect of the global demand for cacao & chocolate on the lives of the Cacao farmers.

Oonagh is putting her heart and soul into educating these regions so Cacao Farmers can enjoy their own crop of cacao locally as a food, which currently does not take place in most growing regions.

Oonagh openly shares how she used Cacao to heal from a difficult time of PTSD after the Christchurch Earthquakes. She is a powerful advocate for the power of Cacao in Mental Wellness and how to work with Cacao, use it on a daily basis to reduce mood swings, anxiety and depression and as a profound mindfulness tool. Cacao can support ones life to be one of joy. She describes Cacao as an extraordinary daily food for a joyful life.

Oonagh’s knowledge of chocolate and cacao is nothing short of wizardry and her great love is to share this knowledge so every cacao growing family and everyone who loves cacao & chocolate, can discover how to make everything from cacao powder to chocolate in their own home, all from the sun dried cacao bean.

Oonagh, is often shy about admitting that she is a Cacao Whisperer and can hear and understand the Cacao trees. They have given her a bold mission, which she has taken on heart and soul!

Attending a workshop with Oonagh is life changing! As a facilitator Oonagh is passionate, humorous, wise, compassionate and with the support of Cacao, will weave magic for your opening into Cacao, joy, connection, courage and inner trust. Oonagh wears her heart on the outside, and its a very big heart, ready to embrace and serve and gift her profound love and knowledge for Cacao to all who are inspired to discover more…

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