Oonagh Browne

Oonagh is the Master Chocolatier at She Universe and a true Chocolate Alchemist who follows the vastness of chocolate – its depth, power, ancientness, and magic to bring true chocolate gold to all who taste She Universe Chocolate. Over the last year Oonagh has started to host workshops and share her passion for life, and for the power of Chocolate…

Oonagh started her career in London as a project Manager but became depressed in the corporate world and had to leave as she quickly discovered it had no depth or real meaning for her. On her journey she met B Prior and learnt the Form Reality practice and at the same time discovered the art of chocolate and a love affair began. A love affair with discovering an inner mystery that is inside of everyone and expressing that through chocolate and through the practice of the Form. She Universe is now becoming one of New Zealand’s most loved chocolate brands. SHE stands for Spiritual Human Evolution. The ever call to evolve – very appropriate for this festival!
‘I love chocolate and when I start speaking about chocolate, magic happens inside, Oonagh is forgotten and there is just love expressing. Our chocolate is made from beautiful ingredients but the extraordinary taste is because of the recognition that all is love and to craft create and express from the resonance of love is a gift to be offered and shared. I love sharing this passion, sharing a deep and profound love for chocolate and sharing The Form Reality practice, a moving meditation that has changed my life.
Oonagh speaks and shares with a passion that is contagious and her love for chocolate and for living a full life inspires the hearts of those who attend her workshops.
In the work shop Oonagh will take you on a journey, a journey into the ancient history of Cacao, into its superfood nature, journeying to the cacao farm in samoa, the trees, their magic and to the finest of world class chocolate. You will taste the breath of chocolate from Superfood to Decadence, learn of its medicinal power, its beauty and why it is so natural to love chocolate. This is a true journey that will deepen your connection with your heart with chocolate and the incredible opportunity to learn Cosmo Form. Oonagh invites you to really open your heart and to take a new step forward in your own life one bite of chocolate at a time!

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