Natalie Hormann

Natalie has been on lifelong mission for environmental action. From environmental law to sustainable business, from Transition Towns and community organisations to self sufficiency and household level ‘green hacks’, she’s sought and found the levers for change. With over 15 years of teaching and coaching experience under her belt, she’s helped thousands of people take small and large steps towards treading more lightly on this planet. Natalie is a mother and gardener, trainer and facilitator, permaculture activist and crusader for a new paradigm. She never suggests what she hasn’t tried, tending to “The Rabbithole”, her 2 acre piece of paradise in the Akatarawa Valley of Upper Hutt. Natalie gives home garden advice and tutors the ‘Future Living Skills Programme’, covering all areas of sustainability. She works with businesses on their green strategies and supports community groups in their work through facilitation and vision work. Natalie believes the key to planetary change ultimately lies in overcoming our mental barriers and preoccupations and creating new paradigms. Her coaching, knowledge and vision inspire, transform and challenge businesses, communities and people.

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