Nanny van den Oever

I, Nanny van den Oever, am an immigrant from the Netherlands. I live in Christchurch since 1977. I’m the founder of Best Life Ltd and I’m in the public since 2006. I’m a life coach, author Best of Life, numerologist and tarot. Professional speaker in self-empowerment. I was the reader at the Arts Centre in Christchurch every weekend, till it all stopped in 2011, because of major earthquakes. I help many people from all walks of life to live their Own Best Life. The science of numerology is my passion and has given me an insight in my life and others. I work to pass on my knowledge and research done over many years. My goal is to put the value of my book to a wider audience. Last four years I’ve spend much time in England working with the book, while visiting my old parents, who passed over in this time. I attended in 2019 twice Mind Body Spirit festivals in Sydney and Melbourne. I gave a public presentation in Melbourne in November that year. I’m a single mother of three children for the last 20 years, and have now two young grandchildren. I have a footprint on Instagram nannybestlife I do an inspirational daily public post. Another book will be published to complete the set in the future. I give workshops-seminars on self empowerment and numerology. I look forward meeting you and answer any questions you may have. This workshop will help you to improve your own Best Life. Lets make our world on planet Earth peaceful together. Much Love Nanny

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Instagram: nannybestlife A daily public post

Book: Best of Life