MudWood and the Earth Tribe Ensemble

Amira and Jo MudWood

and the Earth Tribe Ensemble

Natural Harmony

As an earthy heart beats, guitar trees rooted in rhythm branch in to leaves and flowers. Songs forged in the fires of creativity are born into sound and upon the wind spread their gracious wings. Melodies and harmonies dance graciously and playfully, air wobbles, passionate words, stories of our time, of all time, of no time combine and flow like water towards the listening sea. MudWood music is elemental.

MudWood is a wonderful duo of diversity,world sounds, original songs, and creative music. A wonder-filled creative team that share in the joys of co-creation with collaborative projects.

The Earth Tribe Ensemble features Alice Williams on Violin, Carlos Riegel on percussion,

and others on occasion.

Jo and Amira are also the founders of MamaZing Kombucha.


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