*Natural Harmony*

MudWood Music is a representation and reflection of Harmony and Love.


The Mud and the Wood meet with Amira Mudfaery Nadira and Jo Barlow Wood. Vocal harmonies blend together like locks of fleece in a felt to create a rich fabric of almost tactile quality. These harmonies dance with the warm strings of the Guitar and Harp. The beating heart is the Udu, an African clay pot drum accompanied by the

watery Tabla Dayan, finger-styles of the Darbuka, and Djembe. The whole being, living breathing, and singing is MudWood. With a voice that seems to echo from other realms, Amira (Mud) is a diverse Vocalist with a unique sound.  Her songwriting is delicate and poignant.  Her harmonies are in divine alignment with the resonance of sound.Her ethereal, improvisational Harp is captivating and can send listeners ,(including herself while playing), into a deeply peaceful and tranquil state.

With roots in the Middle East, Amira has embraced world Percussion and naturally integrates her feel for Middle Eastern rhythms into her playing.  She plays Udu, Darbuka, and the Tabla Dayan.  As well as Djembe and other hand drums.

Jo (Wood) is Bard in the truest sense of the word.  He hails from Wales, land of song.  His heart is from the woodland realm and this resonates throughout his songs.  Jo is a Vocalist with a voice pure and true. Honest and sincere.  Delicate and intricate Guitar playing; meaningful and appealing songwriting; and multi-instrumental skills including Flute, Mbira, and percussion.

MudWood present a diverse range of songs and unique musical style.

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