Merryn Penington

Merryn Penington

Merryn’s passion is to inspire and empower others to heal naturally.

Mesmerrised by energy in motion, Merryn’s inspiration is gathered from a vast array of healing art forms and seeing our reflection in nature. Merryn embodies an alchemic infusion of teaching integrative anatomy, full-bodied movement and therapeutic touch. Over two decades of practicing and teaching, her passion is to captivate and inspire others in the journey of self discovery. Merryn empowers others to witness their own light and rejoice in the celebration of self healing. An inquisitive approach to connection is both simple and powerful, reminding us of simplicity and sacredness.

Merryn has completed studies in the forms of health science, eastern philosophies and traditional healing forms. Working with leaders in the fields of zenthai shiatsu, functional anatomy, traditional and contemporary asana, myofascial meridians, remedial massage, integrative movement and wholistic healing forms, Merryn’s insights’ teach us a wholistic perspective of health and healing.
Merryn embraces the whole life experience in this human form and how our experience affects the body and health. This fascination continues to nurture the growth in sharing these insights with others. Merryn teaches across multiple courses, workshops, festivals and retreats, where the flame in your heart is ignited.

As we learn through experience, workshops are interactive, innovative and inclusive. We are receptive when we are open, we open when we feel safe. Embracing authenticity and presence, life is enabled to move though us with Grace and ease. When we trust, miracles happen and bonds are created. These aspects are at the essence of Merryns workshops and community events.

We are the cosmos of infinite energy, dancing, creating form, merging into the galactic dance of creation.

Merryn is truly in her element when presenting at retreats and festivals. She has taught at the Woodford Folk Festival, Byron Spirit Festival, High Vibes on the Mountain, Winter Solstice Festival and numerous Yoga festivals and retreats in Australia. The past few years Merryn has shared her passion and knowledge to students as a Lead Teacher and Co-facilitator within the Zenthai Shiatsu Therapists Program. As well, as offering an innovative and integrative approach to anatomy within multiple Yoga Teacher Training programs. Merryn is truly living her Dharma.

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