Melissa Burtenshaw

Fan Baozhen
Fan is an authentic qigong teacher trained in Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Training Centre of China. She has taught over thousand of students in New Zealand since 1996. People have had all different benefits from doing qigong like: tumors disappearing, chronic headaches all gone, painful shoulders recovered, people with cancer are keeping well, and many people are more self-aware. Some people have gone on to heal others with qi.

Melissa Burtenshaw
I have been practising Zhineng qigong for around four years. I have found qigong empowering because I get to take the action to heal myself rather than looking outside myself for healing. When I first started practicing qigong I was quite closed off and afraid to be open for fear of losing my energy. I had many small fears that weren’t allowing me to stand in my power. Since practising qigong I have become more open to receive universal qi and because of that I have grown in confidence and personal power. I have become more aware, open-hearted, joyful, and equanimous. I now see the blessings of my sensitivity. How blessed I feel to really begin to feel a sense of the interconnection of everything. If you are looking for an empowering way to heal your body, mind, and spirit, qigong is one way I have discovered really works.

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