Mathew Enright

Mat Enright is a musician that plays music. He also writes music. And eats music. Then Sings it back out while playing the guitar.
Blues, Folk, and Rock’n’Roll are among the styles that can be expected, Lots of original material, merino wool particularly, and no sense of humour at all.

From playing on the carol truck as a kid with the brass band to playing in working bands of all kinds in the Wellington region for the past few years, Mat has been a particularly high earning musician, recently upgrading to $12 bottles of wine, but only the kind that are normally $25 when not on special.
Playing 365 performances in a year, at the writing of this on day 72 and 75 gigs down, Mat has sent 2.5 gazillion emails, slept once, and eaten twice since July. Coming to a town near you, this is music worth hearing, and a show not to miss. Because its not like he will be playing just up the road the next day.

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