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Marie (Saraswati) Willis

As long-term practitioners of yoga meditation, social service and self-realisation (known as Ananda Marga- Path of Bliss), our small Nelson-based team would like to offer an experiential workshop sharing a selection of yogic perspectives and practices which, when practiced on a regular basis, serve to foster an inner resourcefulness and resilience. These tools support people transitioning into a new way of living and interacting. These practices will include mantra-focused meditation and kiirtan (singing of devotional-mantra).

We present a holistic perspective of what is happening on Earth currently by offering a spiritual, philosophical and practical framework which places current global events within a social cycle of evolution. We offer a lens to recognise the wave of history and provide a map for an enlightened future.

Such perspectives and practices help a person to sustain a state of calm rationality, flexibility, a critical mind, and an overarching view of a larger societal picture; fundamentals required for navigating the rapidly changing social fabric and governance on Earth at this time.

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