Marianne (Mariana) Vetterli

Growing up in Switzerland Mariana has been interested in music and metaphysical literature at a young age. Always following her dreams and inner guidance has meant that she lived in many different locations and culturally diverse environments around the world gathering and remembering deep inner knowledge. Drawn to immerse herself in life experiences and challenges presented, gaining insight to live and guide others from a heart centered space.

She has a diploma in massage therapy ( BMMD Switzerland), is a Healing Touch Practitioner and Emotional Freedom Techniques, Animal Healer and Artist.

Currently she is based in Hokitika in New Zealand the West Coast of the south island offering private healing sessions, group meditaton sessions metaphysical workshops and Sacred Sound Immersion Concerts. Her wealth of knowledge and experience has been gathered over the last 30 years. Twice a year she tours around New Zealand to offer the benefit of the healing sound to the wider community.

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