Mad Hallelujah Tribe

Mad Hallelujah Tribe’s current active lineup brings together diverse musical backgrounds, several countries, and even more instruments. U.S. mountain man & songwriter Makete holds down folk, bluegrass, rock and psychedelic influenced rhythm guitar, vocals, and percussion. Czech violinist Vojta melds classical, gypsy jazz, and celtic influences into a style all his own, as well as making surprise appearances on didgeridoo & bansuri flute. U.S. lead guitarist, songwriter, and long-time street performer Daniel C. Wander brings influences of gospel, reggae, folk, and rock together in his signature riffs and compositions, and occasionally busts out a trombone. Swiss vocalist Asoulafire contributes her fiery voice, drawing on her background in choral, theatre, soul, rock and pop singing. Veteran New Zealand drummer, pianist, and producer AJ Hickling adds his skills on percussion and keys, honed over more than a decade of leading and teaching tribal drumming circles, producing “Cyber Tribal World” dance music.

At the 2016 Evolve Festival, Mad Hallelujah Tribe played a memorable, intimate acoustic set in the Chai Tent. They are excited to bring their full ‘mystic glory folk-n-roll’ sound to the Live Stage this year.

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