Ly de Angeles


This is a shamanic, trance and initiatory experience of the indigenous people of Britain. Through to a seeming obliteration, you will be drawn into the proud and harrowing story of quite probably your own ancestors.
Presenters: Ly de Angeles and Nila Chandra

Ly’s quest for authenticity is based in a lifetime of study and the breaking through of western society’s demand for uniformity and conformity. A challenge of depth that can be confronting, but also revolutionary and revelationary.

Ly is on a quest to re-wild language – word witchery – as a storyteller. She expresses herself through a variety of forms: as a widely published international author, as a stage and film director, as an international tarot reader and an events organiser. She continues to publish, both books and papers, she’s a foodie and she facilitates a coven called Wildwood Gate, established in Byron Bay in the 90’s (de Angeles’ says facilitates because she is anarchistic and does not agree to hierarchical and exploitative anything). It went global after Witchcraft Theory and Practice was released in America in the year 2000 and, as a result of social media, is now a worldwide cyber collective.

De Angeles is a scholar, heretic, animist and mystic. She is outspoken, with strong opinions, and is an indigenous Brigantach/Catuvellauna woman (Celtic see Priteni) with three offspring and five grandchildren.

The majority of her fictional work is mythic lore, both of the seeming mist-shrouded past and the so-called far-flung future. Most work is written in the present tense. De Angeles moved from Byron Bay to Melbourne in 2012 for post graduate work in the arts at Deakin University and was accepted into a Masters program. Her memoir, Initiation | a Memoir was published in 2016.

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