Los Phoenix

Los Phoenix is a 22 yr old poet and wordsmith from Taupo, New Zealand.
Hip hop or rapper is not strong enough words to describe his work.
His lyricism and meter draw on his years of personal development and growth immersed in a yogic lifestyle at a retreat high in the mountains.
From the age of 8 Los Phoenix has been developing a style of vocal delivery and penmanship which focus on overcoming negativity and promoting deep loving connections to the world around him. More than just superficial hippy whispers his work is a sincere reflection of self and the journey of life.

Since February 2016 he has been earnestly committed to completing his first album, co – creating with UK composer and producer Matt Coldrick whom he met at the yoga retreat.

His musical journey has been a synchronistic flow of exploration, expression and discovery.
He has been performing continuous live shows and promoting himself online throughout 2015 – present.

When I think of the Future of Music I think of Phoenix Baynham known to the world as Los Phoenix

He will be touring and performing in NZ on his first ever tour, titled: Light The Road Tour 2018. which kicks of January <3

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Los Phoenix – WHO AM I (Official Music Video)