Linda Woodgate

Linda Woodgate

I am a global educator, and intuitive life coach, combining many other modalities to support people, places, and creatures to continue their journey of being the best they can be, for themselves, so they can Live, Laugh and Love their moments. My passion is to see, feel, sense the smile go from head to toe inside and out and the joy that that brings to all living things.

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WHAT IS STRESS?I am going to be sharing my 10 stress busters with you and your friends over the next 2-3 weeks. These are short 2-3 minute videos with practical tips on how to move that mood and remain authentic with the busy Christmas season just round the corner, I would love you to share these with your friends, or encourage them to tune in to see how these can help them help themselves :)I want to first share with you my definition of stress (as there are many variations of it) – use this to think about your own situation, and reflect on this when working through my stress busters xx

Posted by Success of the Authentic You. on Tuesday, November 21, 2017