Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah is an internationally-renowned teacher, writer and retreat leader.

Millions of people have been impacted by the articles, books and videos she has published over the last ten years. Her passion is liberation in this lifetime through an every day path of dissolving layers of the conditioned mind into deeper and deeper presence. Her work, through her teaching, writing and retreats, focuses on using the process of inquiry to reveal conditioned mind and so help people to drop down into beingness and presence.

Daily yoga practice has been the anchor of Kara-Leah’s life for more than a decade now and her deep and varied practice has taught her into how to practically apply the tools of yoga to our daily lives on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

As a result, the way she teaches ‘yoga’ has evolved past asana classes and into her retreats, presentations, seminars and workshops. No matter how she’s delivering what she does, Kara-Leah’s passion is helping people wake up to their potential as unlimited beings.

Her passion now is working with people on retreat, and individually, to move past the conditioning of their mind and deep into their true nature as presence.

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