Kailash Kokopelli Sacred World Music & Sound Medicine

Kailash Kokopelli
is a Sound Alchemist crafting a Sound Medicine carried on wings of song and the healing soundscapes of his Sacred World Music.
He is recognized as a cross-cultural bridge-maker, medicine person and humanitarian artist working with indigenous people around the planet.
As a multi-instrumentalist and expert in Sound Medicine he masters his instruments as prayer tools and keys to initiate self-healing processes and open doors of expanded perception in communion with Source. The sound of his unique string instrument known as Tritar or Worldstick carries his Heartsongs, healing mantras and sung prayers into and beyond this world. Kailash masters the Native American Prayer Flute and is one of the first european Didgeridoo players who has been working with the healing effect of sound since the early 90s. Besides his spirit chant and overtone invocations accompanied by his medicine drum and Indian Shrooti Box he teaches Sacred Songdances for Peace and Healing Chi Movements.

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