Judy Mort

The School of Shamanic Womancraft
The School of Shamanic Womancraft is an international Women’s Mysteries School, a community of women united by a revolutionary impulse for social change and healing. We create circles of intimacy and belonging in which growth and transformation can unfold. Our cutting-edge programs are designed to help women undertake their inner healing work, and build resilience, stamina, and adaptability so they can respond to the global need for sustainable living on every level.

Judy Mort
Judy is a graduate and teacher with The School of Shamanic Womancraft. She completed the Four Seasons Journey in 2011 and has continued a close association and ongoing involvement and training with SSW since then. She is a teacher of the Four Seasons Journey year long program, and offers both ‘Moonsong’ and Shamanic Dimensions of Pregnancy workshops.

Judy has over 20 years’ experience as a midwife working with birthing women and families in Australia and England, in both public hospital and homebirth settings. She currently practices as a midwife in the public health system. Judy holds a passion for all aspects of child birth and brings an awareness of sacred birth to the hospital environment. She supports students with clinical supervision and mentorship.

Judy brings the wisdom of many years of spiritual, personal and professional education and enquiry to all that she offers. She actively applies grounded scholarship to inform her intuitive, embodied and soulful knowing.

As teacher and practitioner of the Women’s Mysteries she offers a variety her own workshops, courses and community-based women’s circles. In all she does Judy guides women to remember and reclaim their innate wisdom, inner knowing and authentic nature. Judy is a way-shower for women to reconnect with Soul, Self and the Divine Feminine, grounded in Nature Based Spirituality.

Judy lives on Biripai Country, Mid North Coast NSW Australia with her Dunedin-born husband and their two teenage sons. She delights in regular immersion in wild nature and natural landscape, which living near the beach, rivers, bush and mountains of her home, offers her. She is thrilled to be returning to Nelson to experience the Evolve Festival.

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