Jola~ (Twisty Twinz)

Jola Siezen also known as one half of the Twisty Twinz has been turning herself upside down and inside out as long as she can remember- its no wonder she ended up in the circus world! Jola loves to twinspire, teach, perform and put a sparkle on anyone’s face. Together with her twin sister Nele she completed a diploma in Theatre and performing arts ( Selwyn College- Auckland) and a 2 year diploma in Circus Arts (Circo Arts – Christchurch). Over the past 12 yrs Jola has travelled extensively, performing, training and teaching in N.Z, Australia and Europe. She primarily works together with her twin sister but also loves collaborating with other Artists and performers. Jola is a founding member of the Loons Circus Theatre Company and a Guinness world record holder (Three people in a small box) . Currently Jola is based in Motueka N.Z where she lives teaches and performs when not on tour around the globe!

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