Inki Tāne

Inki Tāne is a well-traveled soul who has lived with indigenous peoples and apprenticed with local healers throughout the world: India, Thailand, Polynesia (including New Zealand), the United States, Ecuador, Peru and Gabon. Each culture experienced has provided him with a unique, yet universal perspective of the natural world. He has studied Indigenous Development at the University of Otago in the deep south of New Zealand.

His fascination began before he was offered his first pint (of beer) at the serendipitous age of 21. Wanting to know what would happen to his body should he imbibe the once sacred beverage, his subsequent research led him to molecular structures, traditional uses, medicinal applications, etcetera. The allure of the power of plants, coupled with the fact that his best, childhood mate is from the first nation people, Dine (Navajo), and his subsequent research into native cultures led him to study ethnobotany. This provided a suitable framework by which his two passions could meet and exchange ideas.

One thing led to another and he began to travel the world, specifically by visiting and living with various indigenous peoples in efforts to further his research into the relationships of people and plants.

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