Jacquelyn E. Lane

Author-Artist-Educator, Jacquelyn E. Lane integrates decades of metaphysical study and her personal record of conscious contact to explore our relationship with the multi-level intelligence of Nature traditionally known as the Deva kingdom, a hierarchy of elemental lives and their angelic overseers. She sees her role as moving this subject out of folklore and into a modern understanding of consciousness and perception. She backs her views with coherent metaphysics that enable us to integrate the apparent separations between science, spirituality and experience. Extensive world travel and a focus on this cross-over between science and spirituality give her work considerable depth. Her new book on Deva was shortlisted for the 2019 Ashton Wylie Unpublished Manuscript awards. ‘Deva – Our Relationship with the Subtle World’ is being published internationally by Findhorn Press via the US publishers Inner Traditions-Bear & Co. It is now available for pre-orders and will be released in print in June/July 2020. Jacquelyn has been involved in the writing and/or illustrating of several books including; The Children of Gaia (an illustrated eco-novel) and This World of Echoes – A Divine Guide to Being Human. She has a BA in the Social Sciences and has run numerous workshops on Deva, metaphysics, art and illustration. She has been guest speaker at The Seven Rays Conference in Christchurch and at a range of events over the years. She believes that we are at a point where we need to understand our relationship with Nature at a much deeper level that will take us to a true sense of ‘Pan Consciousness’ – the realisation that we and Nature are in an intricate relationship as partners in the One Life of Planet Earth. Many of us sense or wish for this closer relationship with the world around us but are hampered by a world-view that is fractionated into ‘science versus spirituality’, a result of our ‘us and them’ separatism that causes so much strife within humanity and between us and the natural kingdoms that support us. Her understanding of how we and Deva, the form builders of the world, are partners in creating our ‘reality’ is presented in ways that are accessible to a wide audience.

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