Irma Jager

rma Jager lives in the Motueka Valley. She is the mother of three teenage children; has a passion for nutrition and living a self-sufficient lifestyle. She and her husband own a lifestyle farm, where they have been living co-operatively with 5 households for over a decade. This means she is well aware of the challenges and gifts of community living and this has supported her growth in authentic communication.
She first became aware of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2004 and has been actively developing this new language through attending workshops, taking part in and leading practice groups. She has been facilitating NVC courses in the Nelson/Tasman area for the last few years. She has worked as a communication consultant in the business environment. She gets the opportunity to role-model authentic communication in a range of volunteer positions in community groups. In her role as a health coach she has experienced the magic of truly listening and giving empathy to people as opposed to giving advise and wanting to ‘fix’ someone’s problem.

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