Hannah McQuilkan

Hannah is Naturopath, Shamanic Healer and Forest Therapy Guide. With 18 years experience in the wellness industry she’s tried it all and is certain that one of the most overlooked areas for wellbeing is the simple art of nature connection.

Hannah runs transformative nature connection events and offers breakthrough shamanic healing sessions in NZ and the USA. Warm, open and engaging, Hannah will gently support you in coming home to yourself and relating to the world around you in a new invigorated way.

What people have said:

“I really enjoyed my forest bathing with Hannah. She is so authentic, open, unassuming and easy going. She knows how to hold space and be flexible depending on what the group needs on that day. I love her passion in what she does and she does it so well!
Carmen, USA

“Wonderful experience reconnecting with nature and learning more about this ancient land, plants and trees. So peaceful and Hannah made us feel very welcome.”
Gushiv, Australia

“I was so curious about it and wasn’t disappointed – such an amazing experience, no words to describe it. I recommend to try it ;-). Hannah is simply the best.”
Karin, Austria

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