Gaylene Hansen

Why do I have certain experiences in my life ?

Why do I have the thoughts, emotions, beliefs, fears, anxieties, symptoms, health concerns, pain, and feelings that I do?

What happens when I or my loved ones have a challenging, stressful or traumatic experience – big or small ?

How might this affect me, my loved one, my child, and the choices and life decisions I or they make?

This interactive workshop provides an introduction, to
Understand your body and its infinite wisdom from a root cause approach
Recognise cycles of thinking and feeling
Learn your body’s response to stress triggers
Learn calming tools and a new way of self healing

You will be introduced to Meta Health, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting and learn the basics of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping) related to your questions within the group of those attending.

What might you want to explore now and in the future? Your birth, childhood, pregnancy, relationships with others, life experiences ….. ?

Gaylene Hansen is a nurse (and previous midwife) currently working in Special Care Baby Unit and within her own company Nurturing Naturally NZ. She guides clients in learning about and resolving their health concerns, birth and life experiences, fears, anxieties, and emotional issues to enable them to move forward and create the life of their choosing.



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